DevOps for Data Science


Alex K Gold


This is the website for the book DevOps for Data Science, currently in draft form.


This book is very much still a work in progress.

The content is mostly here, but I am still rewriting, polishing, and rearranging.

Content is likely to move from section to section and chapter to chapter.

Links are likely to break.

Thanks for your patience.

In this book, you’ll learn about DevOps conventions, tools, and practices that can be useful to you as a data scientist. You’ll also learn how to work better with the IT/Admin team at your organization, and even how to do a little server administration of your own if you’re pressed into service.

This website is (and always will be) free to use, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license.

If you’d like a physical copy of the book, they will be available once it’s finished!

Software information and conventions

I used the knitr package [@xie2015] and the quarto package [@quarto] to compile my book.

Package names are in bold text (e.g., rmarkdown), and inline code and filenames are formatted in a typewriter font (e.g., knitr::knit('foo.Rmd')). Function names are followed by parentheses (e.g., bookdown::render_book()).

About the Author

Alex Gold is the Director of Solutions Engineering at Posit, formerly RStudio.

The Solutions Engineering team works with Posit’s customers to help them deploy, configure, and use Posit’s professional software and open source tooling in R and Python.

In his free time, he enjoys landscaping, handstands, and Tai Chi.

He occasionally blogs about data, management, and leadership at


A lot of people are helping me write this book.

This book is published to the web using GitHub Actions from rOpenSci.

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