Appendix A — Docker Cheatsheet

A.1 General Docker Commands

Command Purpose Example
docker run Run an image as a container docker run me/my-image
docker ps List all containers docker ps
docker kill Kill a container docker kill my-container
docker exec Run a command inside a running container docker exec -it /bin/bash
docker build Build a Dockerfile docker built -t me/my-image .
docker logs Get logs from a container docker logs my-container
docker pull Pull a container from a registry docker pull me/my-image
docker push Push a container to a registry docker push me/my-image

A.2 docker run command flags

Flag Purpose Example
-d Run in “detached” mode that doesn’t block your terminal docker run -d ...

Remove the container on stop

Reminder: don’t use in prod

docker run --rm …
-p Publish ports from container to host docker run -p 8000:8000 …
-v Mount a volume into the container docker run -v $(pwd):/data
--name Give container a human-friendly name docker run --name my-container

Reminder - -p and -v order is <host>:<container>

A.3 Dockerfile Commands

These are the commands that go in a Dockerfile when you’re building it.

Command Purpose Example
FROM Indicate base container FROM rocker/r-ver:4.1.0
RUN Run a command when building RUN apt-get update
COPY Copy from the working directory into the container COPY . /app/
CMD Specify the command to run when the container starts CMD quarto render .